October – Councillor Sean Chu’s Report


Dear Ward 4 Residents,

Cleaning up the yard is easier with your green cart

This fall, enjoy the convenience of using your green cart as you get your yard and garden ready for winter. Leaves, pine cones, branches (up to 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length), old annuals and pumpkins can all go in the green cart for weekly collection and will be turned into nutrient rich compost.

Three-step checklist for fall yard waste:

  1. Fill your green cart first. Yard waste can go directly inside the cart; there’s no need to bag it first.
  2. If your cart is full, simply use paper yard waste bags and roll down the top. Home and garden or grocery stores sell paper yard waste bags. They’re usually sold in packs of five.

Please don’t use plastic garbage bags. These bags will not be collected since they contaminate the compost.

  1. Place the bags approx. one foot away from the cart for collection, so you can walk between the cart and the bag. Bags should be easily lifted (max. 20 kg).

During busy fall periods, to ensure our crews stay on schedule we may not be able to collect all of your extra yard waste bags right away. Please leave them out and we’ll pick them up as soon as possible.

Other options for disposing of yard waste are available at calgary.ca/yardwaste.

What to do about unwelcome junk mail

While most of us do our best to be good neighbours, sometimes we need a little guidance to do the right thing. That’s where the Community Standards Bylaw comes in. Updated at the end of 2016, the bylaw promotes good neighbour relationships and addresses community concerns by regulating noise, fire pit use, untidy properties, weeds and grass, graffiti—and nuisances such as flyers.

One of the areas updated in the 2016 review refers to flyers, including non-commercial flyers. If you have a ‘no flyer’ sign visibly posted at your home, it’s a violation of the bylaw to deliver flyers to your door. With the municipal election just around the corner, you should be aware that election advertising is exempt from this bylaw along with newspaper subscriptions, community newsletters and information provided by government and elected officials.

For more information, visit Calgary.ca and enter Community Standards Bylaw in the search bar. If you do continue to receive flyers despite having a ‘no flyer’ sign at your home, you can call 311 or submit a service request using our 311 app or on The City’s web site.

Thank you for your attention,

Councillor Sean Chu

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