Calgary’s Two Seasons: Winter and Construction


Dear Friends,

Calgarians often joke that there are two seasons in our city: winter and construction. I couldn’t agree more!

Ward 11 will have more than its fair share of construction over the next several months with City crews digging up roads down several of our major traffic corridors making our commutes more and more challenging. I will continue to question the need for projects based on their value and results, rather than their intentions. For example, the Southwest Bus Rapid Transit (SWBRT) project was approved based on dated assumptions rather than today’s needs such as flood mitigation, maintaining our aging City facilities, keeping community police stations open or, quite simply, reducing the tax burden on homeowners and business owners.

There’s been much talk from media and politicians of a potential 2026 Winter Olympic bid. I strongly believe that you, the taxpayer, must be included in that conversation. The question is not whether we can do it, but if hosting the games makes financial sense given our pressing needs and fragile economic climate. I am opposed to hosting the games but feel it should be brought to taxpayers through a binding referendum. Let me know what you think. Would you rather we host the Games and spend the money on security—or build infrastructure and rein in taxes?

Please join me at this month’s Ward 11 Town Hall taking place on April 19th (7 – 8:30 pm) at the Cedarbrae Community Hall – 11024 Oakfield Drive SW to share your views and join the conversation.

Many thanks to the Parkhill Stanley Park Community Association who hosted last month’s event. Great things happen when we work together!

Respectfully yours,


(Ward 11 Councillor and Palliser resident)

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