Rutland Park Development and Traffic Report

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I would just like to highlight what has been happening/going on behind the scenes this past month, in no particular order:

  1. I met with the planner for Currie Barracks to discuss the proposed amendments to DC sites 163 and 164. They will be making changes to align these sites with the single family, semi-detached, and rowhouses of phase 2. This is a decrease in density for one of the sites, which is always desirable. We have, however, indicated that we would not support a subsequent increase in another site if it meant changes to lot coverage, building heights, setbacks or parking.
  2. I wrote a letter of objection to City Council with regards to the proposed changes to R-C1 lots which would make secondary suites a discretionary use. These changes are not necessary in terms of achieving our MDP density goals, and secondary suites are not even included in their calculations for density. The proposed motion did not separate basement and backyard suites. If any changes are made to the Land Use Bylaw, we asked that restrictive covenants be addressed on every application to make sure that they are upheld. You can see the letter on our website under the Development tab, under Council Secondary Suite Discussions.
  3. I attended the 33 Ave Main Street presentation put on by the City. It focused specifically on the Marda Loop segment of 33 Ave. I encouraged the City to focus on traffic calming, engaging pedestrians, creating green spaces along the corridor and creating a vibrant space for the communities around it.
  4. Thank you to Isabell Reznik and Judy Silzer and the other community and Mount Royal University student volunteers who organized our annual Chili Cookoff! Congratulations to our 4 winners as well  J (Judy will share the details.)  A wonderful time was had by all of us who attended, but we would still like to see more residents get involved.  If you have an event you would like to organize, please get in touch with us—we would love to see some new people step up to organize an event!

If you have not already signed up for our email updates, please do so at our website– The City often gives us very short notice for upcoming events, and this is the quickest way for us to reach you. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Leanne Ellis

RPCA President



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