Rosscarrock President’s Message

johnhain / Pixabay

Spring is in the air! Finally, winter seemed much longer (and colder) this past year. Now is the time to rejuvenate and soak in some that extra sun. It is the time of beginnings.

In a similar way, we have been embarking on a new start for your community association. Did you know that the initial forming of the community we call home had its start long before it was in the confines of the city boundaries, actually, before the Province of Alberta was formed?

So this community has had its share of starts and restarts. The ever-changing world has allowed our city and community many opportunities to define and then redefine ourselves and as an association we have reflected that.

Your board has been working hard at laying a foundation that will foster continued growth as a board of directors. Like the actual construction of a house it seems that the foundation is the lengthiest part of the construction process. When the house is completed it is also the least visible.

Yet that foundation supports the rest of the building! In a similar way we have laid the foundation by establishing a new set of bylaws and refining these. We’ve also laid out a business plan that we can build upon on the next several years.

Such is the framework of our foundational activity. The board will now shore this up with necessary components of policies, procedures, action plans and other necessary components to build upon. Essentially, that foundation work will be completed.

What happens once the foundation is laid? Much of that depends on you. The board consists of your neighbours who would like to say that they have a share in what Rosscarrock is all about. Since our last article some have stepped forward and want to help as volunteers. Thank you so much. Yet, if we are truly going to make this a community of your choice, it is essential that we reflect your values and aspirations. We need to know what is important to you.

Help us to make sure that we are not just pursuing our own individual agendas. Are there needs that you feel that we as an association should be addressing? I sincerely would like to hear from you to plan what steps we should be doing to make Rosscarrock a ‘community of choice’.

You can reach me at either or

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