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Civics Fair

Let the PBP help you to satisfy your questions or your curiosity about what’s going on in your neighborhood. Or maybe we can connect you with a local organization.

The PBP is hosting a Civics Fair on May 2nd focused on items of local interest. Topics covered will include:

  • Community Policing
  • Dry Dam Construction
  • Tom Brooks Park upgrades
  • BRT Construction
  • Ring Road updates
  • Calgary Parks updates
  • CBE updates
  • Various Local community organizations

Let us know if you there is anything missing here that you wanted to see or hear more about.

Programs reposted!

We were late getting the word out on our new exercise programs, so we’ve decided to start them this month! The programs include

  • Barre (mixing elements of Pilates, Dance, Yoga),
  • Essentrics (full body work out that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening),
  • High Fitness (modern take on aerobics).

Each of the programs includes four weekly sessions. To sign up, contact Jill in the PBP office. She can be reached by phone at 403-281-1908 or email at pbpcam@pbpcommunity.ca

 Community Cleanup and Garage Sale

This is a great time to reclaim all of those spaces in your house and yard that have taken on temporary storage duty!

On Saturday April 28th, we’ll have bins set up for trash. There will also be a place for old paint, electronics, spent batteries, scrap metal, and other material that shouldn’t go to the landfill.

The garage sale will allow community members to set up a table to sell any unwanted items. Give them a second life in a new home.

 Volunteers Needed

Casino Fundraiser

We are starting to plan the volunteer team for our Casino Fundraiser scheduled for July 6 and 7 at the Deerfoot Inn Casino. Stay tuned for a website where you can sign up. Some of the positions include:

  • Cashiers – count chips and money.
  • Chip Runners – supply chips to the various tables.
  • Count Room Staff – process table proceeds.

The casino fundraiser is a fun way to contribute to your Community Association, and provides a significant portion of the funds that make your Community Center great!

Email pbpcam@pbpcommunity.ca.


Brennen Jaques


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