Haysboro President’s Message

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April, thank you for bringing us longer, warmer days. Every time I sit to write a president’s message it reminds me of how quickly time passes, how we’re constantly moving forward and planning for the next event or program launch, or how the seasons change just when we thought they never would.

Spring renews us, we get antsy cleaning out houses, gardens, and maybe our lives of clutter. It brings a fervor to start new projects and as a community association we are no different. As we plan months out at a time its hard to know if the weather will be good for an event, so we gamble each time.

Speaking of gambling – our casino is coming up in one month. This is one of our biggest revenue generators and allow us to operate the facility and run programs. If you’ve already signed up for a shift, thank you. If you haven’t – please consider doing so. Volunteering is a great place to meet new neighbours and give back to the community. We get on average $60,000 from a casino – these funds go a long way over two years.

The last few months have been busy – event planning, working towards a new playground on Haddon Road, meeting with Dutch students who did a visioning exercise of Haysboro, attending monthly Ward 11 town halls and all-president meetings, revising the business plan, the list goes on and on – but I will be honest, each project fuels me to do more. I’ve been doing some online courses on city-planning and management. I’ve been generating a long list of wish-lists and conceptual ideas for Haysboro.

I love all the upcoming energy and work being put into our green spaces, into fostering a community of gardeners, and work being done by the planning committee to explore an increase to our walking and biking modes of transportation within our own community and which connects to others. We’re in a new time where community associations are working with each other and looking at larger geographical areas to serve similar residents, share our knowledge and experiences, and team up to pool resources. This is exciting and encouraging.

Our city continues to grow and evolve – sometimes you might agree with the changes and other times you might be confused or disagree. I want you to know I’m always here to listen to you. If you have questions I can work with you to get an answer. I’d love to meet you for a coffee or tea, have a chat on the phone, or feel free to send me an email.

Happy Spring Everyone!



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