Mid-Sun President’s Message


As I write this, there are several feet of snow on my front lawn, icicles are hanging from the roof, and there is a general sense of frustration from my friends and neighbours for having to shovel, yet again. But perhaps the worst part of the late winter weather has been the ongoing fluctuations in temperature and the resulting layers of ice underneath all the snow. Not only has this increased the danger for both drivers and pedestrians, it also created ice damming along the roof of the Community Centre, which led to a large leak and damage to the gymnasium. Flooding has been significant, with random recurrences, which can’t be dealt with until all the snow has melted. The staff at our facility has experienced great stress and hassle trying to manage flooding at all hours of the day and night. I thank you all for your hard work as we wait for this ordeal to be over.

As a result of all the extra stress at this time, I have included in my President’s Message a photo of local church and historic landmark, St John Chrysostom, from when it temporarily had flowers and pysanka (Easter eggs) painted on it back in 2015. Hopefully this will remind us of the optimism of Easter and the promise of spring. And hopefully by the time this sees print a month from now, all of these observations will sound like a distant memory, and you will be wondering why I didn’t open up with some tacky line like “Spring has Sprung at Mid-Sun!” Maybe next month.

It is not out of the question for changes to arrive, as the “lamb” of the season should be showing by April, and the delay between writing and publication can be full of surprises. This became all too clear last month- the Mid-Sun Youth Council I proudly advertised in March’s Message unfortunately had to be cancelled due to a lack of participants. My apologies to anyone who expressed interest in attending or having their kids attend. Hopefully a similar program can be tried with more success in the future, and if you had any suggestions for teen programs please let us know.

With the inevitable arrival of warmer weather, all the plants in our neighbourhood will naturally be blooming, and the Mid-Sun Community Garden will be ready to take advantage of the next growing season. Like so many in the community, for years I have quietly admired the work of our gardeners from afar, without much interaction besides enjoying the Village Gardener beer they helped contribute ingredients for. However, I was recently invited to a meeting of the Garden Committee, and was impressed with the work being done by them: planning events and workshops, inviting guest speakers and overall creating a welcoming, friendly atmosphere in our community. I was asked to take on a plot, and it feels hard to turn that down. Though my only experience with gardening has been growing Chia pets and occasionally watering a small cactus from Ikea, I was reassured that the other gardeners could help me out, with no expectation that I needed to be successful with what I plant. Purchasing a plot for $20 and volunteering in the garden for a few hours across the season is such a small commitment, that if you are looking to meet some new people and enjoy the (hopefully) warm weather, I would encourage you to join them.

Besides the plants in the garden sprouting again, the signs of spring will soon be evident all around us: the trees and bushes along Sun Valley Boulevard will get their leaves back, the last bits of ice will melt away into the sewers, and the skaters will again be able to enjoy the skate park without having to shovel the snow off it. And while the warmer weather will sweep away all the frustrating elements of winter, it will also mean saying goodbye to all the things about the cold weather we enjoyed: skating and ice hockey on our outdoor rinks and frozen lakes; tobogganing; and warm cocoa accompanied by fresh snowfall. It might almost be enough to make us miss winter.


-Mark Schmidt

President, Mid-Sun Community Association

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