Fairview President’s Message

rawpixel / Pixabay

I want to mention the great sense of loss and sadness that the Fairview community is feeling with the recent collapse of the roof at the Fairview Rink on February 20. I know many of you teamed up to become the driving force that made the rink a reality for Fairview and that many of you volunteered your time, commitment and energy to ensure that the rink continued to be a community success. When the rink switched leaseholders, many of you were instrumental in building the relationship with Southern Alberta Women’s Hockey Association which has become a strong and lasting partnership. Not only do we have a great relationship with them, but we have also been successful in forging a valued community relationship with the In-Definite Arts Society. Both of these organizations have consistently helped to ensure that the Fairview building is not only being utilized but it is thriving with programs. We are very proud to have two such organizations in our community, dedicated to enriching the lives of those who may not otherwise have explored their fantastic artistic talent or their skills with a pair of ice skates!

As we begin to move forward, I hope that community residents will rally again to give both organizations the support they need so that they can quickly and happily return to Fairview.

Kara Fredrickson

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