March at Prince of Wales School


Annual Science Fair

What better way to get students thinking about the world around them—to wonder, discover, and explore—than to challenge them to participate in a science fair. At Prince of Wales Elementary School (POW), starting in grade four, students can choose to make their first foray in the school’s January science fair, while all grade five and six students must participate. Top entries from grade five and six are selected to represent the school at Calgary Youth Science Fair in April.

During the science fair, the gymnasium was packed with examples of curiosity in action. From hovercrafts to slime to solar power, students showcased a huge variety of experiments and research. Parents and students from every grade got to tour the fair and question participants about their hypothesis and results or examine their models. Congratulations to all the entrants for making science come to life at POW.

Visiting author!

POW welcomed Alberta author and member of the Order of Canada, Jacqueline Guest, in January and February. She has been working with the grade two students this year. Ms. Guest brought in a number of First Nations and Alberta artifacts to share with the students. Students enjoyed interacting with a real author and will continue to write their own stories with her inspiration.

Safety at POW

Safety at POW is always a top priority. Staff and students practice lockdowns several times a year to prepare for an event involving unwanted and dangerous person/s on, or approaching, the school grounds. The procedures for lockdowns are developed with the Calgary Police Service. If you are near POW and hear a long continuous bell, this means there is either a real or practice lockdown, and school doors will be locked, and students and staff inside will be following lockdown procedures. We ask that anyone outside the school who hears the lockdown bell to call 911 to help ensure a quick response for the safety of the school. Emergency responders will be aware if it is a drill (or not) and will react accordingly.

On the other hand, if you hear three short bells, this is the signal for students and staff to enter the building immediately. This may happen if there is an animal loose in the neighbourhood that poses a risk to students, or for other reasons we need students inside quickly.

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