June at St. Gerard School


St. Gerard (French Immersion) School has had a wonderful Spring, epitomized by a week-long fieldtrip to the Calgary Zoo, in which Mme. Cote’s grade 4/5 students participated in Chevron Open Minds Zoo School. Students experienced in- depth exposure to both local and global plants and animals. Through hands-on experiences and interactions with experts, students can become emotionally engaged with the conservation issues facing our planet, such as the mining of a popular mineral to the production of cell phones that is disrupting Gorilla habitat. To support the Zoo’s conservation efforts, the Grade 4/5 class collected used cell phones in order to recycle the mineral, Coltan, used to coat electrical components. One recycled cell phone is one step further towards reducing the need to mine for Coltan, preserving natural gorilla habitat.

The St. Gerard School Council sponsored a SoundKreations Dance Residency. Students in all grades worked with an instructor and explored the world of Bollywood! SoundKreations’ mandate is to introduce a method of maintaining physical health in a fun and accessible way and to give students an opportunity to develop new methods of healthy and creative recreation. The week culminated with a Bollywood dance showcase that was presented in front of the school community to the delight of parents and family members!

Monthly, St. Gerard School, thanks to the kind donations of parents, feeds the hungry through the provision of sandwiches. Last month, we contributed five loaves of uncut sandwiches to the Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society. As needs within the community change, so does our level of support for various local groups. Awo Taan is an emergency shelter whose mission is to provide short- term housing and long- lasting holistic support to Indigenous women and children, as well as those of all cultural backgrounds.

Last month, one student representative from each grade was invited to attend the Gala D’Art Oratoire at Bishop McNally High School in honor of student success in French Immersion. The Gala is a showcase and a celebration of student achievement in French public speaking. In the past, presentations were developed in the classrooms under the supervision of the classroom teacher as part of the regular French Language Arts program of studies, such as the development of original texts, memorizations of fables, poems, etc. A wonderful way to promote language learning programs while praising individual accomplishment in front of friends and family of Calgary Catholic French Immersion schools at large!

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