April at St. Augustine School


As the Lenten season comes to a close, St. Augustine School is so gratified by the generosity and support of all of our families as our Almsgiving Lenten project comes to a close. Throughout the month of March, our school along with St. Anthony’s Parish committed to helping Parishes in Need, which was introduced by Father Jack about 8 years ago in the Diocese. Students were asked to participate to this Lenten project by placing small amounts of change in a box or jar which they brought to school at the end of each week and connected it to acts of service or sharing at home. Some of the acts of service or sharing that students engaged in included: have a dessert, add some change to a container at home; receive change back from a Starbucks purchase, add some change to the jar; shovel your neighbors walk and received payment, add it to the jar. The list was endless, and the end result was an appreciation for the gifts that we have in our lives and an understanding of our responsibility to help those in our community. Well done, St. Augustine School!

Students are also busily preparing for our upcoming school-wide drama production of Disney Jr.’s Little Mermaid. The amount of time and commitment that is required by our students and staff to put together a production of this caliber is staggering. If anyone in the community is interested in attending, please contact the school for more information.

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