April at Dr. E. W. Coffin Elementary School


By Larysa Hart

In March, the entire school went on a field trip to the Bella Concert Hall to see the Royal Canadian Artillery Band perform. There was a lot of energy bouncing off the beautifully crafted walls of the Mount Royal facility. The Bella Concert Hall is a magnificent building inspired by the Canadian Rockies and the Prairies. The interior, lined with wood, symbolizes the Alberta farm houses while the canopy is in the shape of the Alberta Wild Rose. Not only did the Kindergarten to Grade 6 school population listen to the magical sounds of the Royal Canadian Artillery Band, they were also able to experience the fascinating architecture that replicates our Calgary geography and climate.

As the weather begins to warm and the snow begins to melt, our Fresh Air Friday adventures become even more interesting. This year, the snow accumulated into a giant snow mountain on the playground. Students tunnelled holes, created stairs and slides as well as stored snow creations. Watching the mountain melt away has been one of the favourite pastimes of many of our students as they anxiously embrace the changing seasons.

Spring is an interesting time of year in Calgary. As we have all experienced, we can have a pleasantly warm day with bright sunny skies and snowy blizzards the very next day. We anticipate planting a grove of aspen trees beside the playground once the ground begins to thaw and we hope to have more details in our next Bugle entry.

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