What You Need to Know to Get a Safe Ride Home from This Year’s Stampede

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Whether you are using a taxi or rideshare company—such as Uber or Tapp Car—during Stampede, there are some important safety tips to keep top of mind. Just like taxis, rideshare companies are regulated by The City of Calgary and have to meet City safety standards before drivers can take passengers. However, there are some important differences between taxi and rideshare companies:

  • Rideshare drivers are not allowed to pick up people who hail them on the street or seek out business by approaching potential customers.
  • All trips must be booked through a rideshare company app.

When you book your trip, make sure to look at the verification information the ride share app automatically sends you before you get in the vehicle. This information will safeguard you against getting into a vehicle with a potentially unsafe, unlicensed driver. The app includes:

  • A photo of the driver
  • The licence plate number, and the make and model of the vehicle
  • Real time GPS tracking, which enables you to track the vehicle on route to your location

If you are street-hailing a taxi, it’s just as important to verify that the taxi is legitimate before you get in. Make sure the driver and vehicle are both licensed. Check for a taxi plate on the rear bumper of the vehicle to verify that it is a licensed taxi. The driver’s ID should be posted in a visible location, typically on the driver’s visor. If you are not able to see it, you can ask to see it. Before you get into a taxi, take note of the taxi number, company and colour of the vehicle in case you need to track down lost items.

Taxi stands for Stampede – July 7 – 16

The City of Calgary is working closely with the taxi industry and the Calgary Stampede to provide increased access to taxis around Stampede Park and surrounding areas to accommodate Stampede visitors and bar patrons.

In addition to late night and permanent downtown taxi stands, four temporary stands have been set up near Stampede Park.

  • Two all-hours taxi stands located at the South and North Entrances of Stampede Park operate throughout the day. The North Entrance is given priority to accessible taxi service as it provides the closest means of entering the Park.
  • Two additional late-night temporary stands have been established on 12th Avenue and Macleod Trail SE. The late-night temporary taxi stands operate every night between the hours of 10 p.m. and 3 a.m.

These locations are marked with signs, and provide safe and easily accessible points for taxis to pick-up and drop-off customers.

Other designated taxi locations around the city

Taxi Hydrant Zonesidentified with signs, and are located in various locations throughout


Late Night Taxi Stands – available to serve you between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Conveniently located near restaurants, theatres and bars, these stands help Calgarians and visitors come and go safely from our city centre.

Calgary Transit – provides 24-hour CTrain service during the Stampede.

Other options – luxury sedans can be booked as a pre-arranged service. Costs are generally higher than a regular taxi. They cannot provide on-demand service. Always be diligent about checking ID information provided during booking before getting into the vehicle.

Remember, if you have any concerns about a taxi, rideshare, or limo service, contact the non-emergency line at 3-1-1. If you feel as though your safety is threatened, call 9-1-1.

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