Halloween Safety


Alberta Health Services EMS would like to remind parents and trick-or-treaters of some Halloween safety tips as October 31st approaches. Take some time to review these simple tips and reminders to help ensure your Halloween is a fun and safe night for everyone.


  • Remember: all regular pedestrian rules still apply. Be sure to cross the road at marked crosswalks, or well-lit corners only. It is safest to work your way up one side of the street, and then cross once to the other side.
  • Stay away from houses that are not well lit. Do not accept rides from strangers, or enter any home you feel is unsafe.
  • Let your parents know where you are going to be at all times (route) and advise them if you will be late returning.


  • Be certain that young trick-or-treaters are accompanied by an adult. Older children should stay in groups.
  • Pre-determine boundaries to trick-or-treat within, and establish a firm time to return home.
  • Advise children not to eat anything until they return home. Dispose of any items that appear to have been tampered with, or that are not properly wrapped.


  • Choose bright colored costumes that are highly visible. Adding reflective tape to costumes further increases visibility.
  • Consider sending your children with a flashlight for additional safety and increased visibility.
  • When purchasing, or making costumes, look for materials and accessories that are labeled flame-resistant.
  • All costume accessories, such as sticks, rods, or wands, should be soft and flexible, with no sharp edges.
  • Consider using hypoallergenic make-up kits instead of masks that may impair breathing, or vision.
  • Be sure costumes are loose enough to be worn over warm clothing, but not so long that they become a tripping hazard. Costumes should not be longer than your child’s ankles.
  • Ensure your child is wearing adequate foot wear that takes into consideration weather conditions and walking.
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