Taking Calgary’s Pulse

12019 / Pixabay

Calgary Foundation granted $40,000,000. to Calgary nonprofit organizations this year, including conducting Vital Signs 2017.

Significant findings are:

  • 2007 population 1,000,000; 2017 we are 1,200,000
  • unemployment rate 8.9% vs 5% in 2013
  • average house price $501,210 up 1% since 2016
  • office vacancy rate is 28% and residential vacancy is 4.7%, the highest in 30 years

1 in 4 Calgarians rate their ability to find suitable jobs as below average or poor. 78% of us are concerned about the level of poverty and in 2016 we had 3,000 homeless citizens, mainly men, during their most productive years.

6,798 people cycled to work, that’s a lot of cars off the road. Calgary has 290 km of on-street bikeways and 138 pathways that get people around walking and cycling.

Business bankruptcies in Calgary were lower in Vancouver, Toronto and much lower than Montreal. Hard to believe but based on Stats Can data.

“Calgary’s environmental performance is among the best of all Canadian cities due to City programs that have significantly reduced our environmental footprint”. 90% of us are committed to recycling.

The survey found that 2 out of 3 of us stress about personal finance and 47% are affected by loneliness—staggering! 62% are satisfied with work/home balance. Sadly 5,408 women and children were turned away from shelters due to lack of space. Domestic crimes have grown this year by 33%.

We have much to be grateful for and more work to do to make “Calgary work for everyone, forever”.

Joey Stewart wishes peace for everyone and a very Merry Christmas!

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