Welcome New Parkdale Community Association Soccer Program Leaders

geralt / Pixabay

We are excited to introduce you to your new Parkdale Soccer Leaders!

Angus Smith

Angus and his wife have been residents in Parkdale since 1999. They have twin daughters, Ainsley and Hannah (6). Angus works in the Risk Management and Insurance business with a firm here in Calgary.

Angus has volunteered in the Parkdale soccer program for the past 4 years as a team coach. He’s currently an active referee and has been involved at Board and club level, as well playing in the CUSA soccer league for more than 20 years (yes, he loves soccer!). Stepping into the role being vacated by Traci Nayeri, in no easy task. However, recognizing that Traci and Greg (Habstritt) had created such a wonderful sense of pride and community, through their commitment and involvement in the Parkdale soccer program, he wasn’t willing to let is fade into the distance.

Angus is looking forward to the upcoming 2018 soccer season, to meet new and existing program volunteers, as well connecting with parents, team coaches, and team managers of


some 200 children in the community of Parkdale.

Katherine Prusinkiewicz

Katherine is the mom of Sebastian (6) and Isabelle (3). She is a corporate securities and M&A lawyer with a downtown Calgary firm. In her free time, Katherine likes to…just kidding…what free time! 😉 Katherine has coordinated soccer photos for the past 3 years and is looking forward to another exciting soccer season!

Jason Tauber

Jason and his family, wife Brianne and sons Miles (5) and Graham (2), have been residents of Parkdale since 2015. Our neighbourhood has a hard-to-imitate blend of great people living in a good part of our city—proud to call it home. Jason also volunteers extensively with the community garden, helping direct that group’s activities to bring a special place for people in our area to connect and grow together—this spring and summer, come see what we are doing!

Jason has participated in the Parkdale soccer program for 2 years, most recently coaching for U4 last year (despite having absolutely zero prior coaching experience—fortunately most U4s are very forgiving). He is more than happy to take on the Registration coordination role this year t  o ensure the program and teams are supported and well-organized right from day one, just as they have been in previous years. You’ll see him on the field this season too as both his boys get to lace up for some fun with friends!

Much appreciation to these 3, and all the other participants who volunteer their time to keep this very successful program running so smoothly! As it is 100% volunteer based, if it was not for each one of these people, Parkdale would be without a youth soccer program!

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