Rosemont Community Association’s President’s Message

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After nurturing our beautiful ice rinks through what seemed like mountains of snow, the warm rays of spring took out the rink on March 13, much to the delight of the last group of Shinny players, who were able to play some good old boot road hockey while perfecting their splash shots! Thanks to our great coaches Grant Parks and his daughter Daniella for another fantastic year of Shinny. Mother Nature cooperated this year, with the group being able to run continuously since Jan. 9th. Another big thankyou to Jean Blackstock for organizing everything and everyone and all the parents for helping out.

And another giant thanks to the famous Rosemont Ice Guys, for their great and dedicated work in making the BEST OUTDOOR Ice in Calgary…The Guys put down 39 coats on the upper and 47 on the lower rinks. The group had to shovel an average of three times a week all through February and moved tonnes of snow. The snowbanks along the rinks were a record 5ft. high. A testament onto how good the ice was this year when a young woman was practicing her figure skating on the lower rink one morning. Thanks to Kurt, Craig, Jeff, Ian, Kris, Williem, Bill, Mark, Claire, Grant, Adrian, John, Austin, Andrew P., Glenn, Andy, Ryan, Keith, Jamie and our most senior member, Buddy. It takes many hands to make something like the rinks happen, and I would especially like to thank Kurt Westergard for his outstanding work in organizing the group, his enthusiasm and helping the Community in so many different ways.

The Rosemont Community is further indebted to Kurt for some emergency repairs we had to conduct at the Hall this past month. The power to the Hall suddenly went out the third Thursday in February. With temperatures hovering around -25, Kurt and his electrician worked all night to locate and repair the problem, which turned out to be a very serious short in the meter connecting the hall to the ENMAX power pole. Power to the Hall was restored shortly after midnight, with the installation of a brand new electric panel. Rosemont thanks Brad from Triohm Electrical Services and Kurt for coming to the rescue.

The City sent out an interesting announcement in mid-March that they were intending to close the off-leash area by the cemetery. Please see the official announcement in this newsletter.

For those of you not involved in the last round of the cemetery folks trying to close the dog park, there is documentation that someone in Cambrian has stating that the current dog park area was guaranteed in lieu of the Cambrian residents donating previous land grabs by the cemetery. From the tone of this announcement, the parks folks have considered this a “fait de complete”! I would highly advise all concerned residents to email your city councillor and attend the meeting on May 9…Most concerning is the City’s faint-hearted concern: “The City would like to try to provide a new or improved alternative off-leash area nearby.” To me, beginning the work to take over the space before they have offered up a viable alternative means the deal is done as far as the City is concerned. I will lay out odds that they will tell us to use the existing off-leashing west of 14th Street paralleling John Laurie, whether you like it or not.. Please show up at the meeting if you are concerned…

The Rosemont Community Association has received a number of complaints of near-misses while students and pedestrians have attempted to cross 14th Street at Roseview Drive NW. As everyone is aware, this cross-walk is at a very precarious location at the top of the hill at Roseview Drive. Motorists heading south have no visual notice of someone in the crosswalk until they near the crest of the hill.

The old standard crosswalk warning lights are so high, they are above the driver’s field of vision, and are often blurred out by the sun during daylight hours. We have received a couple of suggestions to help with the situation.

The first is to install the new, lower flashing lights common in newer communities. This would include placing an additional warning set of lights somewhere between the cross-walk and the Northmount Drive and 14th Street intersection.

A second option would be to move the crosswalk down closer to the intersection of Rosevale Drive NW and 14th Street, which puts the crosswalk directly across from the stairs leading down to St. Margaret’s.

Anyone with similar concerns should call 311 and complain, as well as sending in their complaint to their councilor.

The always riotous Rosemont Wine Snob party will be held on Saturday, April 21. The theme for this year is outstanding wines from eastern Canada. The Highlander’s sommelier will be skillfully guiding us through a very interesting assortment of wines matched perfectly with cheeses from the Springbank cheese company. Tickets are available on-line in advance of the event at

Tickets this year will be $35/community members ($40 for non-members) and will be available from any member of the Rosemont Community Association, booking on the Rosemont website or by calling and leaving a message on the Hall line at 689-6533. We are limiting this to only 70 people, so please book early to avoid disappointment. There will be no tickets available at the door.

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