Mount Pleasant Community Association’s President’s Message

geralt / Pixabay

By Philip E. Carr

In the words of a wise English philosopher (George Harrison): “Little darling; it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.” I hope that by the time you read this—after our return to Daylight Saving Time and after Easter—we will all be able to smile and say: “Here comes the sun!”

As we move into Spring and Summer, there are more opportunities to get outside and meet your neighbours. I hope you will participate in, and volunteer to help with, some of our community activities. Matt Crist heads our Green Initiatives, and the annual community clean-up is scheduled for April 29. This is a great chance to dispose of a variety of unwanted items, but we can use help with the event. Also, I have been seeing emails seeking volunteers to assist with the annual Mother’s Day Brunch. Many of these events are very popular, but we see the same few volunteers stepping up to the plate every time. Eventually we all need a rest, and it is still true that many hands make light work. Please consider where you could fit in to help Mount Pleasant continue to be the vibrant community we all love.

In closing, I want to say a special thank you this month to our Publicity director, Carole Broger. Carole faithfully ensures that you receive the Pulse each month, starting with gently nudging us to get our articles submitted. She also has a big role in our website, and in patiently explaining to the Luddites (such as the President) how the technology works. If you are able to assist Carole, I am sure she would be grateful for your help—whether it is writing a brief article, submitting an area photograph, or just asking what you could do to lighten the load.

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