Thorncliffe-Greenveiw Community Association’s President’s Message

geralt / Pixabay

By Leslie DeGagne

Last month saw Calgary receive a record snowfall. On the street where I live, we heard a symphony of spinning tires for a period of two days. It was not that people were bad drivers, but our street has slight inclines and a combination of that with the soft snow cars was going nowhere. It was interesting to watch the scene unfold as distraught drivers tried in vain to get their vehicles moving and neighbors would pass by with a smile and a grin then suddenly appear with a shovel. Working together, the community sent the weary travelers on their way. The good souls who came to the aide of the unfortunate did so with good hearts and attitudes and their reward making a difference in this world even for just a short time.

April is an important month, the month we celebrate volunteers here in Calgary. Volunteers with a vision built and ran this complex, they now play a huge role in the programing of the building and fundraising to keep the building in shape. We have paid staff to oversee the day-to-day business of the community, but volunteers coach the teams, organize the children’s sports, and run the recreational shinny and volleyball programs for adults. Volunteers work our bingos, casinos and run our community parties. The TGCA board members are all volunteers who work for the community ensuring that we remain a community center, a place for community events, programs and information. I bring this up on an ongoing basis to remind people of the value of volunteering, like my neighbors who got out their shovels to help those in need our volunteers take great pride in giving of themselves to ensure others have a place to play and gather. How are these people paid? They are not paid or remunerated in any way except by the occasional thank you.

This month we see some changes in how volunteers give back. We will see two fundraisers held here in the community, one is a Special Bingo to raise money for the ice resurfacer and the other is being held by a group of volunteers to help out someone in need. The bingo is a TGCA fundraiser and a group of people who care is running a silent auction. February saw a family dance organized and run as a fundraiser by a group of volunteers who are working hard to create a new playground space on the city land adjacent to the complex. Friends of Sam are using the complex to help raise money for a medical procedure for someone who has given repeatedly to this community. The complex is here for the community and this community has over the years grown and adapted to meet the needs of its residents. Please come out on the 20th and 21st and support these causes. Help the volunteers who make this community one of the best in this growing city and have some fun doing it. We can all make a difference in this world even for just a short time.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made a difference this year; Booster Club, TGWL, bingo workers, team coaches, mangers and organizers, Adult sports organizers, casino workers, board members. Thank you to the TGCA staff for your ongoing support. We could not do what we do without your talents and efforts.

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