Huntington Hills Community Association’s President’s Message

geralt / Pixabay

I think it’s time to thank someone whom I have worked with for a while and known for a long time. He is Jim Murphy, the General Manager of Huntington Community for almost 25 years. I can’t begin to tell you all the projects he’s completed or all the people who have worked with and for him during those years. Just look at his latest accomplishment. With the help of people he works with, he created a new addition which has a new gym, a new boardroom and a very much needed new entry way which welcomes you as you come up to it.

I don’t have any idea how many children have benefited from spending time with the care programs that are offered at the centre.  I’m sure it’s in the thousands. Many of them have learned to play games here and made new friends. I can safely say that by now we have some second-generation users of the programs.

For those of you who play sports, I can only think about the many hours you have spent enjoying yourselves because Jim and his staff’s efforts have given you a facility that is first class. Right from baseball and curling to the latest “pickle ball” there are memories to be made.

Jim is a friend to countless people and has the respect of the many who do know him. I’m proud to know him and place him among the best people I know and have associated with.

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