Sanstone-MacEwan Community Association’s President’s Letter

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I hope parents with kids in school enjoyed their Spring and Easter Breaks and were perhaps fortunate enough to get away for some rest and relaxation. The winter sports have wrapped up and we’ll soon be seeing the soccer and baseball teams filling up the fields. The kids from MNA and SVS will be more active and on bikes or scooters so please be mindful when driving around the school and playground areas.

What an amazing amount of snow we’ve seen in February and March! So much for out like a lamb. The SMCA board would like to put out a very special thanks to Colin May, Jeff Schroeder, Joe Tofani, Kevin Swaby, Pierre Donald, Terry Hutchins, Tim Huston and Trevor Bacon for the countless hours they spent clearing and flooding the hockey rink. Our cadre of rink volunteers has dropped drastically this year leaving many days when clearing or flooding did not happen. If not for these guys who were out more times than their families wanted, the rink would have been in rough shape. Please consider volunteering a few hours a week next year so we don’t face the prospect of losing our rink.

The pleasure rink was very popular this year thanks to Brad Beckett and Joe Wensink, who consistently cleared and flooded the rink. Some of you may have noticed a foul smell and uneven brown spots on the surface after a warm period? This a natural process that occurs when the surface warms allowing organic matter (leaves, grass) to decay and gases are released. This is a natural consequence of flooding an organic surface in a city where the weather goes through drastic changes throughout the winter months.

Do you recall the photos that were posted by Crime Stoppers several months ago of the two men spraying graffiti at our hockey rink? For reasons only they can explain, they created thousands of dollars damage to our rink as well as seven other areas in neighbouring communities. Thanks to the great photos captured by our security cameras these culprits were identified and charged! A very special thanks to Director Shayne Chidlaw for working diligently with the Calgary Police Service ensuring justice was served. We will continue to pass on information from our cameras when we see illegal activities in and around our rinks.

Unfortunately, the SMCA was not provided with a date to host a community clean up this year which is a significant disappointment given how popular this event is in our community. Hopefully this is an anomaly and we’ll be up and running again next year.

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Sue Coatham

President SMCA

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