Highwood Board Report

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Hello Neighbours,

As I sit down to right this winter appears to be coming to an end and spring is just around the corner. The days are longer, and I’ve been running into some of you while out walking my dog. It seems that everything is looking up!

This year marks the first winter after the completion of our long awaited outdoor rink replacement. As I drive by the rink, it seems that it’s getting put to good use. The completion of the rink is result of countless hours of effort by many members of the Highwood Community Association Board partnered with the City of Calgary. If you have had a chance to enjoy the new rink, then please join me in thanking all of those that were involved and who saw this project come to completion after many years of planning.

I thought I’d share with you all a brief summary of how a project like this is funded. The Highwood Community Association has a long history of being fiscally responsible which enabled the community to build a large enough cash reserve over many years to fund the construction of the rink. The community was required to pay for the majority of the costs upfront using our own funds and was then able to apply for retroactive grants to help reimburse the community for a portion of the costs. Ultimately the rink was funded by a combination of money from three sources:

  • City of Calgary through a Capital Conservation Grant which is designed to help community associations maintain its facilities (70%),
  • Province of Alberta through the Community Facility Enhancement Program which provides funding assistance to acquire, build, purchase, repair, renovate, upgrade or expand sports, recreational, cultural or other related public-use community facilities (20%); and
  • Highwood Community Association funds (10%).

Because of this funding structure, the Community Association continues to have significant funding available to explore further improvements to the surrounding facilities and support the greater vision of enhancing the value of the Community Hall to the community and its members and working towards making it a center for the community, neighbours and surrounding communities to come together.

I look forward to seeing more of you out and about as the temperatures continue to warm and as always, feel free to send me, or any board member, an email with any questions, comments or concerns. We always want to hear what our neighbours are thinking and to support the community anyway we can. Also, please consider joining the community association if you have not already and consider joining our board or attending our board meetings (second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm) to share your ideas for our community.

Bryan Seitz



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