Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association’s Executive Director Observations…

geralt / Pixabay

Welcome to April! Like most of us in Calgary, I am so delighted to have April arrive and the possibilities that seem to come with the departure of the snow and the arrival of the geese from down south. I am itching to start sitting in my lawn furniture to embrace late sunsets and early sunrises that bring the sweet sound of the birds chirping outside of my window.

At HSCA we are busy making connections with our neighbours: not-for-profits, churches, businesses and residents. The best part of my job over the last few months has been getting to know the community more intimately. This includes shopping at the local stores, exploring the coffee shops and restaurants and attending many meetings with our staff as we serve the residents of Hillhurst Sunnyside. I am delighted to say that many of my dollars have been spent locally (Don’t tell my partner!) and I have proudly shared through my own spheres of influence the great community we share.

I want to challenge you all to reach out and get involved with your community. As the board of HSCA helps to ensure that the association meets the needs as defined by the residents, we the staff love it when community members step forward with new ideas and resources. We are always seeking support in a myriad of ways for our programs and with specific skills on committees and even in supporting programs. We recognize that community does not start and end with the building. In fact, the building is a tiny part of what community actually means.

One of the ways you can help us, especially if you are social media savvy is through the many streams on social media. We have 2 Facebook pages, one for HSCA and one for the Farmers Market. And we are on Instagram (hillhurst_sunnyside) and my personal favorite, Twitter (@HillhurstSunny)

Stop by and see us in April as you get out and re-explore your neighbourhood. We look forward to seeing you.

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