Wichewakn District Girl Guides – April


Volunteering in Girl Guides

By Anusha K., 82nd Pathfinders

In the Girl Guides of Canada, one of the core elements of focus is on volunteering. Not only do we partake in several fun activities, trips, and camps; but also spend a lot of time doing various tasks to make a difference and help those in need. Especially in the older age groups such as Guides, Pathfinders, and Rangers; these programs put a large emphasis on giving back to the community. Some of the ways we have helped in the past include services at the Calgary Food Bank and The Mustard Seed.

This year so far, the 82 Pathfinder unit has volunteered at both the Calgary Food Bank and The Mustard Seed. At the Food Bank, we are generally tasked with sorting various items into crates to send forward to those in need. It is always a really rewarding experience that leaves your arms a little sore but your heart feeling content, particularly when we receive the final count of how many crates were filled and how many people were helped in such a short amount of time.

Another one of our volunteering opportunities, as mentioned previously, was at The Mustard Seed. Here, our Pathfinder group served dinner to everyone who came by that evening. We got to meet and interact with the people at the shelter. It was a very fulfilling and valuable experience, and also a lot of fun!

All in all, the Girl Guides really enjoy giving back in as many ways as they can, whichever form that may come in. I would love to volunteer at either The Mustard Seed or the Calgary Food Bank again, as both were very fun to help out at, especially knowing that it benefits people in need around the city.

If you wish to volunteer or register your daughter in Girl Guides, please email Aurora at wichewakn@hotmail.com.

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