Famous Five District Guiding – May

whatkatiesbaking / Pixabay

Did you hear, the Classic Cookies have arrived! Some units are going door to door, but if we’ve missed you, please contact Pat, isteads@telus.net with your address and quantity and we’ll see that someone delivers your order to you. Cookies are the major fundraising for Girl Guides and your purchase allows us to provide programming that teaches self-respect, community awareness, safety, leadership and so much more.

Beginning June 2, 2017, new members will be able to register for the fall program start. Use the National Website, www.girlguides.ca to find more information on how to register. Current members will be sent information about re-registering your daughter for the fall, please watch your emails or speak with your guider. If you have any questions, contact Pat.

All our leaders are volunteers, be sure to thank them for the skills and role modeling they provide to your daughters. Would you like to become a leader for the fall? We’re always looking for women to help. Why not start the registration process now, take advantage of some trainings offered in June and be ready for a fun time in September. Contact Pat, isteads@telus.net, for more info.

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