December in Fish Creek


12 Week Winter Birding Course Starts Monday, January 8, 2018

Learn about the variety of bird species in Fish Creek Provincial Park and other natural areas within Calgary through the Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society’s Winter Birding Course. In the winter months, birds are much easier to see since the deciduous trees have shed their leaves, there are fewer species present and they often occur in flocks. “In fact, there may well be more individual birds within Calgary during the winter than in the summer months,” said lifelong naturalist Gus Yaki, who, along with other experienced birding instructors, conducts these outings as a fundraiser for the Friends of Fish Creek. Registration Required. $60 for Friends members and $100 for non-members. $5 for a youth 16 or younger with a registered adult. To register or for course times, please visit

25th Anniversary Legacy Brick Pathway

2017 sees us celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Friends of Fish Creek, and we will be replacing the pathway to the front door of the Cookhouse with a special brick pathway consisting of bricks bearing dedications or messages from donors. This is a great opportunity to leave a legacy in the park for a loved one or to show support for the work the Friends do toward the sustainability and enjoyment of Fish Creek Provincial Park. There less than 160 bricks available. Get yours today! For more information visit

ReWilding Through Restoration

ReWilding Through Restoration is a program that encourages the regeneration of natural ecosystems within Fish Creek Provincial Park, allowing current and future generations of Albertans to reconnect with, and wonder at, Alberta’s natural beauty.

  • ReWilding Through Restoration involves actions like the planting of poplars and other native vegetation along the banks of Fish Creek in areas that have become degraded by human activity.
  • ReWilding Through Restoration serves to accelerate the natural processes along the creek, positively influencing the overall watershed health as vegetation quickly begins to grow and balance the system.
  • Friends of Fish Creek volunteers take part in the planting, maintenance and monitoring of the ReWilding Through Restoration sites until the sites are fully established.
  • ReWilding Through Restoration is only possible with the hands-on support of volunteers and through donations that allow us to purchase the necessary supplies and equipment to make it happen.

Together, ReWilding is possible! For more information and to support ReWilding Through Restoration, visit

Park Protectors Needed!

The Park Protector automatic donation program may suit your busy lifestyle, as there is no need to renew annually. A steady, reliable source of funding will enable the Friends to continue with ongoing fieldwork, raising awareness about the park, and organizing and participating at community outreach activities. As a Park Protector, you never have to worry about keeping your donations up to date and you will get just one tax receipt a year.

Why Become a Park Protector?

  • Because monthly donations are one of the best ways to support the Friends of Fish Creek!
  • It is flexible! You can increase or decrease your support, put it on hold for a few months or cancel at any time!
  • You will receive monthly updates on Friends activities, so you know how your donations are being used!

Our mission is to engage the community through education and awareness to conserve a truly unique naturalized urban park. For more info visit

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