Puffed Quinoa Salad with Basil Lime dressing


Basil Lime Dressing:
15g Basil
15g Parsley
40g Coconut oil (solid state)
50g Rice Vinegar
30g Lime Juice (if you use a fresh lime you can include the lime zest!)
150g Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Add all ingredients in an insert and blend until everything is combined and smooth.
Finish with salt and pepper.

Puffed Quinoa:
120g Puffed Quinoa
2 ripe Heirloom Tomatoes
2-3 peaches, nectarine, or apricot – or favourite fruit of your liking
240g of your favorite nut mix
Wash and clean micro greens, sprout, herbs, or salad for garnish. Slice tomatoes and fruits in wedges. Mix the basil lime dressing with the puffed quinoa. Torch or grill fruit wedges.

Plating:  Place Puffed quinoa on a plate. (I always prefer a kind of freestyle plating.) Arrange tomato, fruit and nuts on the plate and garnish with salad.

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