[BGnCA community=”Mayfair” quadrant=”SW” folder=”Mayfair” about=”The community of Mayfair is located east of the Glenmore Reservoir, near the site of the Glenmore Dam. Mayfair was annexed to the City of Calgary in 1956 and neighbourhood developed in approximately 1957. Residents of Mayfair have access to numerous recreational activities provided by the proximity to Heritage Park, the Glenmore Reservoir, Calgary Golf and Country Club, and the pathway. Direct access to the Downtown, which is approximately 6 kilometres north of Mayfair, is available via Elbow Drive.”]


[Association community=”Mayfair Bel-Aire” quadrant=”SW” folder=”Mayfair” email=”” web=”” ca=”This community was annexed to the City of Calgary in 1954 and substantial development occurred in approximately 1960. Views of the City, the Glenmore Reservoir, the Elbow River Valley, and the Rocky Mountains are enjoyed in Bel-Aire. The many open spaces in the area, including Lincoln Park, Glenmore Reservoir, and the pathway provide Bel-Aire and Mayfair residents with many recreational opportunities. The Downtown is located approximately 6 kilometres north of Mayfair, along Elbow Drive.”]

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[Demographics community=”Mayfair” content=”In the City of Calgary’s 2012 municipal census, Mayfair had a population of 481 living in 156 dwellings, a 2.3% increase from its 2011 population of 470. With a land area of 0.3 km2 (0.12 sq mi), it had a population density of 1,600/km2 (4,200/sq mi) in 2012.
Residents in this community had a median household income of $116,131 in 2000, and there were 8.5% low income residents living in the neighborhood. As of 2000, 15.2% of the residents were immigrants. All buildings were single-family detached homes, and none of the housing was used for renting.”]

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