November – MP Ron Liepert’s Report


Over this past year, Canada has been celebrating the 150th anniversary of confederation. Recently the Strathcona Christie Aspen Community Association hosted thousands of our neighbors at such an event – “Canada 150 Celebration on the Hill”. Incorporated into the celebration was Judge Joseph Woodard presiding over a citizenship ceremony where 50 constituents took the Oath of Citizenship and become Canadian citizens. It was my great honor to participate in the ceremony, welcome them to Canada and deliver a message of congratulations as your representative in the House of Commons.

The ceremony acted as a strong reminder of the privilege it is to live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and that was evident in the pride displayed by our new citizens. It is for this reason people from all over the world look to Canada to start a new chapter in their lives and leave what is familiar behind and we should be proud of the fact that they chose here to do that.

The freedoms and privileges that are afforded to residents of Canada are immense and that over the years has been the result of the dedication and hard work of many. Hundreds of men and women sacrificed much to fight for our liberties including war. Governments since confederation have developed and debated policies and laws with the intent to better the lives of Canadians and future Canadians. That is my commitment to continue the fight as your Member of Parliament.

As we do every November 11th, we remember all of those who fought for us many making the ultimate sacrifice, and on this day I will be even more grateful for the privilege of being a Canadian.

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