November – MLA Jamie Kleinsteuber’s Report


Let me begin with congratulations to our new City councilors for Ward 3 and Ward 4 and to our new CBE school board trustee for Ward 3 / 4. Thank you to Linda Wellman, for continuing to serve after being acclaimed as school board trustee for the CCSD. I would like to extend my willingness to work with our elected candidates in the months ahead. My appreciation goes to all candidates who ran in this election, expressing their vision for North Central Calgary.

On Sunday, November 5, we set our clocks back an hour as Daylight Savings Time ends for the year. Daylight Savings Time is something about which Albertans care deeply. After MLA Thomas Dang brought forward Private Members’ Bill 203 to abolish Daylight Savings Time, the Legislative Assembly sent the bill to committee for study. Public consultation was held, with over 14,000 Albertans participating. The majority indicated they want to see Daylight Savings Time abolished.

However, Albertans also communicated that abolishing Daylight Savings Time could have economic implications for various sectors. At this time in Alberta’s economic recovery, we need to carefully consider impacts to businesses that diversify our economy and create jobs. With this in mind, the committee recommended that Alberta take leadership in encouraging other jurisdictions in North America to also discuss with their citizens the merits of abolishing Daylight Savings Time. In this way, various jurisdictions could move in unison to eliminate Daylight Savings Time while mitigating economic impacts resulting from misalignment with our neighbours.

Some have called for a referendum on the matter. However, Alberta has held referendums on Daylight Savings Time twice already. Referendums are expensive and not the best use of resources when public consultation has clearly indicated Albertans’ desire for change. We will continue to work together to get this right. Meanwhile, enjoy that extra hour of sleep on Sunday, November 5!

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