December – MLA Dave Rodney’s Final Report


My Heartfelt Farewell to Woodcreek, Evergreen, and Bridlewood

To every single person in Calgary-Lougheed: thank you for entrusting me to be your elected representative for the past 13 years! Together, we built four schools and the Calgary South Health Campus. We achieved the historic agreement with our friends the Tsuut’ina, and the southwest Calgary ring road is under construction. We also passed more private members’ business than any other member in our time.

I thank all of the legislative assistants that I’ve been pleased to work with, and I thank Darlynn Linn—the most amazing constituency manager I could have ever hoped for! Thank you to all who have ever assisted with the Calgary-Lougheed board: your straightforward advice, unconditional friendship, and boundless diligence for serving Albertans is nothing short of awe inspiring.

Thank you to all Premiers and MLAs I’ve worked with. I have learned so much while I was honoured to serve dozens of committees—from local to international—and as House Leader, Deputy Caucus Chair, Chair of Calgary Caucus and the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, and as Associate Minister of Wellness. I’m especially proud of our wellness team: together, we initiated healthy eating and active living programs and policies for all Albertans—that were positive, proactive, and preventative—that helped keep people happy, healthy, and out of the hospital as much as possible—and that have been emulated in many regions around the world! I thank MLAs from all parties who supported dozens of wellness projects in the past, including the Smoke-free Places Act and the Tobacco Reduction Act (my first private member’s bill and my last government bill); the Provincial Wellness Strategy (Health for All, Wellness for Life); the Alberta Get Outdoors (“GO!”) Weekend Act, and so much more.

After all of this—and with so much more to do—part of me finds it very difficult to step aside for now; but I’m confident that now is exactly the time to do that…because our province gained the most amazing leader it could hope for during these trying times; and he deserves a shot in the Legislature to share his vision with Albertans. Before my time as an MLA, I enjoyed careers in national and international business, education, and humanitarian work; and I can tell you unequivocally that have never met a harder working person than Jason Kenney!

I will dearly miss working with all of you in Calgary-Lougheed—and in the Legislature for all Albertans; and I truly wish every one of you nothing but the best…as together, we strive to build the strongest and most compassionate province possible. Thank you all; and God bless Alberta!

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