August – MLA Craig Coolahan’s Report


Hello Calgary-Klein,

The Government of Alberta recently committed funding to Phase One of the Green Line LRT project, the largest single investment in public infrastructure projects in Calgary. The province will provide one-third of the total project cost, up to $1.53 billion over eight years to support Stage 1. The funds will come from the Climate Leadership Plan.

Calgary City Council had approved the construction of Phase One of the Green Line, which will include the first 20 kilometres and 14 stations of the eventual 46-kilometre Green Line. As many of you know, our government campaigned to fund municipalities to ensure they have the right resources to fulfill infrastructure priorities, such as transit.

As such, the announcement of Phase 1 is a step in the right direction. I’m very excited to see much-needed infrastructure getting built in Calgary. I am also admittedly let down that Phase One of the Green Line stops directly at the southern border of Calgary-Klein, at 16th Avenue and Centre Street North.

The Green Line was presented as a transformational project for the communities along Centre St N, and residents have been looking forward to welcoming increased transit infrastructure into their communities. Furthermore, I know that some contentious development proposals have justified themselves by pointing to the imminent construction of the Green Line, and some residents understandably feel short-changed now that the Green Line won’t be arriving in the area for quite some time.

Phase 1 will open in 2026, with extensions added pending further funding. I understand the disappointment many in Calgary-Klein feel. The expectations regarding the Green Line were very high, and the timeline is much slower than any of us would like. While it’s important to build things right the first time, I firmly believe that Calgary-Klein would benefit from the rapid construction of a Green Line. Population density exists along the entirety of the northern corridor, and the city’s priority should be to service communities whom need it most.

As a government that supports inclusive, low-carbon, well-planned communities, I urge representatives at all levels of government to equip communities with both the funding and the planning resources they need. We share a common goal for the need of transit infrastructure for Calgary, in the push to offer healthy and-low carbon transportation that complements vibrant communities. Phase Two should happen sooner rather than later!

As always, our office is happy to hear from you, and may be reached at or 403-216-5430. I’ll be available for the next Coffee with Craig at the Velvet Café (502 25 Ave NW) on Sept 9th from 10am-12pm.

Also, our second annual Cool-down with Coolahan Family Pool Party & BBQ will be happening on August 27th from 9 am-12 pm at the Mount Pleasant Pool (2310 6 St NW). Stop by with the kids for free pool admission and free food!

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