October – MLA Richard Gotfried’s Report


As fall creeps upon us, the leaves descend, and the nights become longer, I will turn my focus to the Fall Legislative session which is scheduled to start October 30. October reminds us to give of thanks, living a life of gratitude adds richness and fullness to all those we come in contact with. I give thanks for my family, friends, health, and living in a free, democratic society. I am also grateful for peaceful elections and transitions in government. Remember the opportunity for residents to vote in the Municipal elections and members to cast votes for the leader of the United Conservative Party during the coming month!

By now all of us have received our Green Bins from the City. I have been informed that the pilot project exceeded expectations. On a provincial level, many “green initiatives” have been ongoing for years. Some interesting facts regarding recycling in Alberta are below.

  • In 2016 Albertans returned over two billion beverage containers to depots for reuse/recycling – a return rate of 86.2 %.
  • Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC), is a non-profit, consumer funded program that the government does not contribute to, nor receive money from. The program is funded by: unredeemed deposit refunds and market value of recovered material. These do not cover all program costs and a voluntary container recycling fee (CRF), paid by consumers at point-of-purchase (e.g. the $0.08 fee), and covers any remaining costs.
  • The ABCRC regularly monitors and adjusts fees every February 1. Overall, program funding is used to cover the net costs to recover and process used beverage containers, and to ensure the overall sustainability of the beverage container recycling system.
  • The electronics recycling program is currently adding 275 products over the next few months and so I would encourage you to call 1-888-999-8762, email electronics@albertarecycling.ca or check their website at www.albertarecycling.ca to find out all the products included.

As always, find me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or Instagram, call the office for a phone conversation, meet with me in person, or visit one of my regular MLA Cafés (October 21st, 10-12pm). I, my staff and my office are always open, welcoming and accessible to you. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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