May – MLA Brian Malkinson’s Report


Wow, what a two years it has been! As I gear up for another busy month in the Legislature I thought I would reflect on what we have accomplished together and share some of the work I have been doing around Calgary Currie. Back in 2015 I was selling large diesel generators to oil rigs and, like so many of you, I was concerned with the direction of the economy and the government of the day. Sales were slowing, and the solution being proposed was cuts and increased costs to average families. Health care premiums were increasing; no investments in schools were being made. Progress on the construction of new pipelines had stalled.

I offered Calgary Currie residents a more progressive, inclusive vision for our province’s future, and I am honoured you trust me to do that work. I promised to support an increase to the minimum wage, because a person working full time shouldn’t need to go to the food bank. I promised that we would invest in new schools and affordable housing. In Calgary Currie this year alone $1.3 million is being spent on housing for seniors, while new schools opening to the west will ease the burden on those within our riding. I am also proud that your NDP government kept its promise to reduce school fees. Many have told me that come September it will be a welcome change to no longer scramble to cobble together the funds to get their kids out the door and into their schools. Every day our government is working to make life better and more affordable for families in Calgary Currie and across Alberta.

My office and I have also been hosting consultations for my first Private Member’s Bill – Bill 211 – which seeks to ensure that persons with disabilities who inherit assets following a parent’s death cannot have their government benefits terminated. Alberta is the only province where the government is allowed to claw back the access a person with disabilities has to government services if they inherit assets. Many have shared with me their worry that a loved one’s AISH would be cut or that their child would no longer be able to afford the medication they need. If this issue impacts you, please contact my office. We would love to hear your concerns and keep you informed as this bill progresses.

After having spent much time working with the fine seniors organizations in our riding, this April I had the pleasure of taking the Minister of Seniors and Housing Lori Sigurdson on a tour of some those very facilities that provide care and support for so many. I was also happy to attend Richmond Knob Hill Community Association Earth Day Fair that brought together local businesses, musicians, and community members to celebrate the installation of the new solar panels on their hall. And finally, I invite you to join me on July 9 – to enjoy and celebrate our community – at my annual Stampede Breakfast. This year’s breakfast is at the Glenbrook Community Centre from 9:00AM to Noon. All are invited to attend. And for those keen to volunteer, please do contact my office. Helping hands are always welcome!


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