June CCSD Board of Trustees’ Report


Recently, there has been some discussion around publicly-funded Catholic education in Alberta. As trustees for the largest Catholic school district in Alberta, we would like to share a few facts, provided by our partners at the Alberta Catholic School Trustees Association (ACSTA).

  • Catholic education has been operating in Alberta since the 1840s and has held a longstanding, distinct role in Alberta’s public education system. It is enshrined in the Constitution of Canada, Section 93, solidified in the Alberta Act 1905 and further supported by the Alberta School Act. Alberta Education is currently ranked 5th in the world overall in the area of Education and Skills (per the Conference Board of Canada) and Catholic education in Alberta is proud to be an integral part of this success story.
  • Catholic education in Alberta serves over 175,000 students (approximately 30 per cent of all Alberta students) in over 430 schools. There has been no study that has indicated any money would be saved by eliminating Catholic schools – the same number of students, educated by the same number of staff, driven to school by the same number of busses, maintained in the same number of schools would be needed.
  • Catholic education is a unique partnership between the school, home and parish. Together this partnership is a close relationship between the faith community and the church, through locally elected trustee representatives who independently create policy and govern their boards. Catholic education seeks to develop a student’s whole person by integrating academic excellence permeated in faith.

To read the entire ACSTA document, please visit: http://www.acsta.ab.ca/news/2017/4/4/catholic-education-confronting-fiction-with-facts. We are proud of Catholic education and its legacy in Alberta. We will continue to provide our students with welcoming, safe and caring learning environments permeated by faith in all of our schools.

A reminder that Alberta municipal elections will take place on October 16, 2017. This is an opportunity for Albertans to run as school trustees and represent their communities in governing our schools. This form of democracy is vital to Catholic education and provides a voice for local constituents. Call your local school board trustee or visit the City of Calgary website to learn more. The ACSTA will also hold an information session for prospective candidates on June 8 at 7 p.m. at Prince of Peace School in Auburn Bay.

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