Calgary Catholic School District, Board of Trustees March Report


Faith is the foundation of who we are. It helps us to find purpose and hope, to serve others and to better ourselves and the communities in which we live and work. Its teachings are also the foundation of the excellent Catholic education we provide.

The Board of Trustees works with partners in education to ensure that our children are being set up for success. From those conversations stem core priorities that guide the district to develop children’s minds, bodies and spirits.

Faith permeates all aspects of a child’s school life. They experience faith formation through religious education classes, social justice activities, school-wide prayer and liturgy, and participation in sacraments. And when they do, incredible things happen.

Children learn to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They develop a sense of compassion. They learn how to be like Christ. They experience schools where they feel like they belong. And they grow up in Catholic Communities of Caring, united by the values of faith, care, respect, responsibility, trust, and family.

Our leaders and staff also have opportunities to form their faith, including: support in teaching religious education programs, district faith events, prayer and liturgy, retreats, pilgrimages and further understanding our Catholic teachings.

The benefits of Catholic education also extend beyond children’s and staff’s lives. They are felt in the communities in which we build our schools and by the people who work together to bring Catholic education alive.

Attendance continues to grow as Albertans choose Catholic schools. To accommodate this growth, we have five new schools in varying stages of development.

At CCSD, we are very proud to provide students an excellent Catholic education where they can live and learn in their faith.

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