Calgary Catholic School District, Board of Trustees’ April Report


Student excellence guides every decision we make. It drives us to understand how students learn, to remove barriers they may face and continuously innovate to best support their needs. As a result, students benefit from an exceptional Catholic education that defines us as one of the most successful school districts in the country.

With robust core-subject programs and alternative opportunities, students can learn to be athletes and leaders; artists, actors and musicians; scientists, technicians, builders and chefs; linguists, world travelers; and independent, critical thinkers. For those who have 9diverse learning needs, we support them with more than 100 congregated classes, specialized assessment, special education class placements, access to health services and so much more.

Our teachers also prepare students for post-secondary education and careers through dual-credit classes, work experience placements and other programs that help them to transition to further studies. We continue to see how this excellence in teaching and learning benefits our students.

In 2017, students scored 2.4 per cent higher than the provincial average on their Diploma Examinations, and 0.5 per cent higher than the standard of excellence. More than 62 per cent of our students are eligible to receive an Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, nearly 4 per cent higher than the provincial average. And after high-school graduation, we see nearly 70 per cent of students transition to a post-secondary education—11 per cent more than across the rest of Alberta.

For us, student excellence goes beyond academic achievement. It includes their spiritual development and growth into healthy, well-adjusted and productive participants of the future. What makes Calgary Catholic so special is that we can teach students about academics and the world through the lens of our faith.

Faith teaches students the values of care, respect, responsibility, trust and family. Those values spill over and influence their heightened involvement in social justice causes, charitable giving and civic affairs.

At every step of this transformation from student to world participant, the Board of Trustees guides the district and ensures they remain accountable for excellence in learning and teaching.

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