November – MLA Kathleen Ganley’s Report


Have your say on condo consultations

I have been working alongside my colleagues to make life better for all Albertans. Making life better for Albertans means having access to the protection they deserve when purchasing a home. If you are a condo resident, you will receive a letter from my office regarding the Condominium Property Amendment Act (CPAA). The second phase of consultations on this amendment are currently taking place as our government works to hear from all stakeholders involved, including those owning, living in, or managing condos. Our government has heard the need for a more efficient, less expensive way to resolve condominium disputes than having to proceed through the courts system and we are working hard to introduce a dispute tribunal intended to provide that alternative. Along with the dispute tribunal and new amendments, Albertans will benefit from the same level of protection as condominium owners elsewhere in the country. To provide feedback on condominium rules, you may submit a feedback form or fill out a survey on Service Alberta’s website: You can also contact my office at

As Minister of Justice, I have also launched community consultations regarding street checks in Alberta. All Albertans deserve to feel safe and respected in their communities. Under Alberta’s policing standards, police agencies are required to provide impartial policing without regard to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, belief, or social standing. Working closely with community groups across the province, I am working hard to ensure the views of those impacted by street checks are heard. Our government will be drafting a provincial guideline on the issue of street checks to ensure the rights of the public are respected, while still allowing community policing that engages with the public. I believe a provincial guideline created based on feedback from those groups impacted will allow for consistent rules across the province for all police to follow. I look forward to hearing from Albertans, community groups and police agencies on this matter.

On a final note, I would like to recognize those who have fought and died for their country. November 11th is Remembrance Day. Many Canadians have given up their lives to protect those they love and to ensure this great country remains strong and free. I will be paying my respects at the cenotaph in Central Memorial Park. I hope to see you there.

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