September – MLA Deborah Drever’s Report


Hello Calgary Bow,

Thank you to all of you who came out to my Annual Stampede BBQ on July 9th. We had more than twice as many people come this year than last! It was a fantastic turn out and it was great to see so many people from the various communities of Calgary-Bow.

This summer I had the honour of speaking on behalf of the Government of Alberta at the formal unveiling of the recently completed six-lane roadway for the TransCanada Highway (16 Avenue N.W.) which has been constructed underneath a new bridge at Bowfort Road. The new interchange will feature dual left turns in all directions. The project also incorporates improvements along Bowfort Road, 83 Street N.W. and Canada Olympic Drive. The Government of Alberta provided $43 million for this project through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative funding.

This project provides improved and safer access to Canada Olympic Park, area businesses, local communities and new developments, better connection for Calgarians with their communities, jobs and destinations, while allowing goods to move more efficiently removal of last remaining traffic signal on this section of the TCH.

As students return to their studies this September, families will be planning and budgeting for the school year. This past spring, our government announced and successfully passed Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees which will be implemented starting this school year. School boards can no longer charge an Instructional Supplies or Materials fee for items such as textbooks, workbooks, photocopying, printing etc. Families may still be required to buy some basic supplies but they will no longer be charged a mandatory fee for the above items.

Students taking city transit to their designated school more than 2.4 kilometres away will only pay the differential between the student transportation grant the Government of Alberta provides and the actual cost of the service. In Calgary, for example, 10 months of city bus service costs $700 (10 x $70 monthly youth pass), but GOA pays $549 per student for transportation. Therefore, students in Calgary will pay about $15 per month for their transit pass. For this fall, students will still buy their pass at full price as they normally would but will then be reimbursed by their school board.

For more information on this or any other topic related to your Government of Alberta please feel free to contact my office.

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