October – MLA Deborah Drever’s Report


Hello Calgary – Bow,

October is here, and I hope that the return to school and the autumn routine has been smooth. I very much appreciate the feedback that my office has received from families regarding Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees, which was implemented at the beginning of this school year. Two years ago, our government ran on a platform commitment to reduce the burden of school fees on Alberta families and I am very proud that we have been able to follow through on that commitment. This school year alone Alberta families will save nearly $60 million on textbooks, workbooks, printing and paper costs incurred by schools.

Thank you to those residents who have expressed interest in the current efforts of the Honourable Minister David Eggen, who spent the summer gathering input from Albertans on ways the government can fight racism, foster acceptance and promote an inclusive society. The online survey that was made available to provide feedback from Albertans closed on September 22. I will be happy to keep you updated with the findings as the information becomes available. Unfortunately, our communities are not immune as we learned earlier this year when the Sikh Society of Calgary temple in West Springs was vandalized with hate speech and swastikas. There was also the community mural in Bowness which, just days before the annual Stampede Breakfast was vandalized with racist hate speech. Thanks to quick action at my office, the Bowness Business Improvement Area (BIA), the Bowness Community Association and many concern residents, we were able to quickly remove the vandalism and refresh the entire mural!

Through the month of September, with the help of many gracious volunteers, I was able to go door-to-door and talk with neighbours about the things that matter most to them. Special thanks for the Honourable Minister of Health and Deputy Premier, Sarah Hoffman for taking the time to join us and hear from Calgary-Bow residents. Legislative session is set to commence on October 31, and I feel confident in my abilities to represent the voices of Calgary-Bow in the Alberta Legislature. I invite you to stay connected with the happenings of the upcoming legislative session by contacting my office with feedback, questions and ideas. We are happy to hear from you!

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