Alberta Transportation Info Session


Hello Calgary – Bow,

Thank you to those of you that were able to attend the Alberta Transportation Information Session on February 27. I am pleased that the air and noise monitoring data was available to review and that experts were present to answer questions about the data and the project.

Over the past year, in collaboration with the community, I have worked to communicate the concerns and comments of residents close to the project with Alberta Transportation. Together, we have achieved a number of accomplishments that benefit those directly impacted by this important infrastructure project. We raised the berm from 3 metres to 4, had trees planted along 500 metres of the buffer zone between the berm and the residential property lines and have confirmed that an additional 30 trees will be planted for the Wentwillow community.

In response to concerned residents, a fourth air quality monitor arrived on-site on January 30. This monitor is installed on the top of the east berm between residential property lines and the crushing operations between the two previously installed monitors. In response to the consistent correspondence I received from residents, all existing air and noise monitors were moved between 10 and 30 metres around the site. This should remedy the concerns raised about the quality of the data these monitors are recording. The data can be reviewed at:

I have asked Mr. Hussain to complete an in-depth review to explore the possibility of moving the gravel crusher further away from residents. I will be following up regularly until I have received an answer and will keep residents apprised with updates. Please review my Facebook @DeborahforCalgaryBow or call or email my office for updates and important notices. As this project evolves so do the needs of nearby residents, you are encouraged to continue to communicate with me and my team by telephone (403-216-5400) or email (

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