September CBE Board of Trustees’ Report


September brings new faces to our schools, eager to start the year. Our hallways are once again full of excitement with friends seeing each other after summer break. Our teachers are brimming with new ideas and fun opportunities for learning. The beginning of a school year brings endless opportunities for parents and students alike. While students are joining clubs, activities and sports, families also have the chance to connect with schools and their child’s learning.

Whether this is your first September with the CBE, your child’s last “Back-to-School” season, or you simply are reminded of your own experiences, September is an exciting time. As this Board completes our term and our city looks forward to a Municipal Election in October, it is a wonderful time to reflect on what we have achieved and plan for a fresh start.

It’s also a natural time of year to think about the role we each play in public education. The CBE Board of Trustees, CBE administration, school staff, families, community members and the Government share a common goal – creating a strong school system that supports student success.

Public education plays a critical role in our society. Our students are truly one of the best investments that tax payers make – as successful students become successful citizens who contribute their ideas, passion and economic energy to society in ways that benefit us all.

We believe that learning is a partnership and that the success of our students relies on the energy, thoughts and commitment of everyone in our community. When you share your perspectives and expectations, we are able to learn and improve.

As an elected Board of Trustees, we have had the privilege of meeting with many parents, families, community members and partners over the past four years. We value your voice, and we would like to thank each one of you who contribute to the success of our students and the CBE.

The CBE Board of Trustees

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