Calgary Board of Education Board of Trustees March Report


The CBE receives more than $1.4 billion every year from the provincial government to educate our students. Every student in our system is important, and each year we must make decisions to balance our many priorities with the funding we receive.

Our objective is to steward our resources wisely, dedicating the maximum possible resources to student learning. Our budget decisions are shaped by our shared values: students come first, learning is our central purpose and public education serves the common good.

As we begin our budget work, we encourage our community to provide input on educational spending. Our finance team reads each comment we receive, and all input will be considered when making decisions on our budget. More information about our budget process and decisions, as well as a budget feedback form, can be found at

Our system serves a diverse population of students and we want each child to be a successful learner. We are proud to offer a variety of programs to suit the learning needs and interests of every student; providing additional choices for students and their families. We also offer specialized classes and unique school settings to meet the needs of some students including those with autism, cognitive/developmental disabilities, and social/emotional/behavioural challenges.

Our budget must stretch to meet the learning needs of each student, clean and maintain our 245 schools, transport students to and from school each day and cover additional supports and resources such as speech pathologists, cultural and linguistic support, psychologists and other learning specialists.

We look forward to reading your comments and thank you for your interest in public education.

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