Hi Jinx – Toy Shop


Since Hi Jinx was established in 2005, it has been known as a unique store, where the residents of the Bow Valley come to find specialty toys as well as treasures they can’t easily find elsewhere. Visitors to Canmore come back year after year to find a special gift to take back home.

What makes Hi Jinx unique? The owner is a speech language pathologist, now retired, who makes every effort to stock toys that are not only safe, good quality, competitively priced but also have exceptional play value. Play value means that a toy is not a disposable, one-time only toy. It means that the toy is rewarding in more than one way, and that it can be played with beyond the child’s current age, or stage of development. Play is a significant part of a child’s overall development. Play develops social, emotional, cognitive and sensory skills. From as early as a few weeks old, babies learn that engaging in playful communication is very rewarding, and they quickly become curious and want to explore their environment. This curiosity leads to play with toys, and every interaction contributes to learning.

Of course toys don’t ALL need to be educational, but many of them are, even though they are not necessarily designed to be. Also some toys are just for fun! Hi Jinx has many novelty toys in the pocket-money price range that are crazy, silly, and cool!

Customer service is extremely important to us at Hi Jinx. The staff does their best to help customers find the most appropriate toy or gift. We are an exclusive retailer in the Bow Valley for many of the most popular brands such as Playmobil, Calico Critters, and Corolle. Naturally, we have a LOT of Lego… But it doesn’t stay on the shelves very long! Don’t forget to sign up for our loyalty points program to earn big discounts!

Hi Jinx also has a section for mums and dads! We stock some very cool baby supplies including silicone teether necklaces, clutch diaper bags, ear protectors, sunglasses and very special gifts like Annette’s Keepsakes, which are all Canadian.

So come on in; bring the grandparents and sit them down on our comfy couch, let the children play with our train table demo toys, and enjoy the treasure trove at Hi Jinx!

Sonja Jovanovic
712B Main Street
Canmore T1W 2B6

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