Are you a foodie or looking for a unique tasting experience in the Rockies? Evoolution is a must-stop along Main Street Canmore, offering extra virgin olive oils crushed from the freshest olive harvests all around the world, and an amazing variety of delicious, aged balsamic vinegars from Modena.

Locally owned and located at 710 Main Street, Evoolution is your gateway to an amazing tasting experience. With staff experts on hand, Evoolution prides itself on providing an outing that focuses on both education and taste so that customers get the most enjoyment out of their products.

Evoolution’s olive oils come in both flavoured and unflavoured varieties. Their flavoured olive oils are either fused or infused with flavour. Fused olive oil is made by crushing olives with ripe, in-season fresh fruits or herbs – be it blood oranges, lemons, rosemary, or chili peppers. The result is an intermingling of fresh olive oil with the bright and tasteful essential oil of the fused fruit or herb. Infused olive oils are all-naturally flavoured herbal infusions that blend olive oil with essential oil and include varieties such as Tuscan herb, herbs de Provence, and mushroom and wild sage.

Evoolution’s unflavoured varieties of olive oil are sourced using a two-hemisphere solution. Northern hemisphere olive oils are sourced after the fall crush in late-October and November around the Mediterranean and California. Southern hemisphere olive oils, which come from countries as diverse as Australia, Chile, and South Africa, are sourced after the spring crush in May. Freshness is key when it comes to olive-oil-quality, and the two-hemisphere solution ensures that Evoolution is always carrying the freshest olive oils available in the world.

Whether flavoured or unflavoured, all of Evoolution’s olive oils are extra virgin so that
customers get the best of both worlds: amazing taste, and all of the important health benefits that come with consuming extra virgin olive oil.

Evoolution carries a broad selection of all-natural balsamic vinegars to pair with their olive oils. Evoolution balsamic vinegar is made in the traditional Solera method in Modena, Italy. This means the vinegar is naturally aged in a series of different fruitwood barrels for up to 18 years until it has reached a wonderful richness and complexity that is the signature of good balsamic.

Evoolution’s balsamics include an organic variety, and a selection of all-natural flavours. A favourite Evoolution vinaigrette mixes two parts Basil Olive Oil with one part Strawberry Balsamic. It’s delicious on salads, berries, and desserts as simple as vanilla ice cream.

Complementing their oils and vinegars, Evoolution carries a line of spices, herbs, and blends supplied exclusively by The Silk Road Spice Merchant, in Calgary. Evoolution also has an eye-catching salt bar featuring smoked, gourmet, and fused salts that add a kick to any dish.

With all it has to offer in quality and flavour, it’s no wonder that some of Canmore’s best dining establishments incorporate Evoolution olive oils and vinegars into their dishes. You can find Evoolution olive oils and vinegars in dishes and cocktails on the menus of Blake, PD3, The Range, Tavern 1883, and Where the Buffalo Roam.

As a community focused on health and wellness, Evoolution has fit nicely into the Canmore lifestyle. Extra virgin olive oil is the cornerstone of the Mediteranean diet and well-known for its myriad of health benefits. It is rich in powerful, natural antioxidants and comprised mainly of oleic acid, a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid that contributes to the heart-healthy effects of olive oil.

Evoolution is open seven days a week, until 7pm on Friday and Saturday, and 6pm the rest of the week. Evolution.ca / 403-678-0162

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