When almost everything in your life involves cycling in some way shape or form, it makes sense that your life’s work would turn into a small business involving bikes. Locally owned and operated since the fall of 2014, Cycling-101 has been providing expert solutions to riders of all ages and abilities. Founder and operator Ryan Draper has been involved with racing bikes, training, coaching, and instruction since the early 90’s. With a resume that includes seven 24-hour solo mountain bike race wins, he has a wealth of knowledge and, for a small price, is more than willing to share.

Cycling-101’s mission statement is clear: empower cyclists of all levels to maximize their potential through customized professional, safe, and fun interactions on and off the bike. The mission statement stems from over two decades in the cycling industry as a racer, bike fitter, and retail manager, and a bit of frustration with the industry itself. Draper says that “The bike industry has an amazing ability to create space age technology and zero interest in teaching the average consumer how to use it to its potential.” That’s the gap Cycling-101 looks to fill on a regular basis.

With bike technology changing so quickly, it takes a lot of time and energy to stay on top of what works well in many cycling disciplines. That’s why Cycling-101 works hard to stay current in mountain biking, road cycling, fat biking, bike-packing, and even components of triathlon and cross racing. Having insider knowledge and connections through managing a local bike shop, Draper has a constant feedback loop that adds huge value to Cycling-101’s offerings and credibility.

Some of the services that make up Cycling-101’s offerings are coaching, bike fitting, skills instruction, and consultations. Every interaction is carefully crafted to meet the expectations of the individuals or groups involved. Many cyclists, triathletes, and adventurers use and have used Cycling-101’s services to progress in their sport of choice with expert guidance and accountability. No matter how big or small your cycling goals may be, there is a Cycling-101 solution for you.

The secret is in the sauce, says Draper: “I’ve spent almost two decades self-coaching and taking on challenges that are a bit out of the norm. This has lead to many self discoveries, books read, and lessons learned. I’ve always taken a well-rounded approach to all aspects of training and racing. When most athletes are looking at power or GPS data I’m looking at calories, micronutrients, stress levels, sleep patterns, gear selection, and recovery. This well-rounded approach has been the basis of my coaching style and it remains very effective with my athletes.”

For many, Cycling-101 has been a gateway to a new-found love for the sport of cycling. Draper has worked with folks from all walks of life and has the support of many local practitioners, clubs, and organizations that actively refer clients who can use his assistance. “I’ve had so many amazing opportunities to help others overcome challenges in the past few years and it makes me so happy I can help.” Draper has worked with kids, youth with disabilities, elderly clients, and athletes of all ages, shapes, and sizes. “Cycling is for everyone and pretty much everyone can benefit from a second set of eyes that objectively help improve their experience on the bike.”

Off the bike, Draper is just as effective with his clients by offering on-trail mountain bike fits as well as race day support where he gets flown to locations all over the world to assist and coach athletes while away from home. “I’ve been as far away as Australia to run race support and frequently do private training camps and sessions in select locations in the United States for clients.” If you’re looking for new cycling gear, nutrition, or planning out a bike packing setup, Draper is available for one-on-one consultations to help point you in the right direction. “I really enjoy hearing about people’s cycling goals and aspirations and it’s flattering when they ask for my insights and input. I’m very versed in the logistical end of the sport as well because of the amount of time I have spent traveling the world with a bike in tow for races in remote places.” Draper not only talks about what he thinks might work, he actually uses the products and systems that he endorses and is always open minded about new advancements and technology that gets placed at his finger tips almost daily working in the local bike shop. “I have a few favorite or must-have items and resources that I shamelessly promote. Some of them I don’t sell in the shop, but I have a hard time holding back sharing with others when I truly believe in something.”

Rounding out some of what Cycling-101 offers are product testing and reviews, writing articles, seminars, guest speaking, photo and video appearances, work shops, and clinics.
To find out more about Cycling-101 the services and rates you can visit the website www.cycling-101.com or follow along on instagram, twitter, or Facebook.

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