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Dr. Sylvia McAllister

Dr. Sylvia has been a vet since 1987 after graduating from OVC in Guelph. She moved from Ontario in 1987 and is happy to call Canmore her home. Professionally, she likes surgery, looking after her patients and their owners and diagnostic technology including x-ray and ultrasound.

Give a dog a bone? Please don’t!

Pet nutrition in a nutshell There are many opposing views on the topic of nutrition for pets. Science is tinged by public perception and hype....

Bugs, Worms, and Other Creepy Things

There are many parasites that prey on our pets. Some of them cause illness and a few of them cause disease in humans. Here...

Spaying or Neutering Your Dog: Pediatric vs Teenager vs Never

The bottom line, (which I am putting at the top for those of you who like to scan articles) is that spayed and neutered...

Budgeting for Buster, The cost of Pet Ownership

n a recent study by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, the annual costs of pet ownership were determined: Puppies first year: $3348 Kitten’s first year: $2217 Dog’s...

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