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The Calgary Fire Fighters Association has proudly represented the men and women of the Calgary Fire Department for more than 90 years. We will build on the solid foundation established by our forbearers, always respecting tradition as we embrace the future in our enduring effort to improve the quality of life for our members and their families.

Backyard Fire Safety tips from your Calgary Fire Department

Enjoying a recreational fire in your backyard can be a great way to spend a summers evening. Here are some Safety and bylaw considerations...

Where There’s Water, There IS a Risk

Calgary’s rivers, lakes and waterways can be a fun and refreshing way to spend a hot summer day. Your Calgary Fire Department wants to...

Calgary Fire Department Survey

Over the years, the services provided by the Calgary Fire Department have evolved to include more prevention work and a broader spectrum of enforcement...

Your May Safety Tip from Your Calgary Fire Department – Prevent Potting Soil Fires

Today’s potting soils contain large volumes of peat moss. When peat moss gets too dry, it becomes highly flammable. On top of that, you’ll...

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