About Wine – 2015 Vignobles Dubard, Château Laulerie, Juste Terre (JT) Cabernet Franc

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About Wine features wines not typically on one’s shopping radar. Special wines—made from grapes or blends, regions or countries—that may not be common or well known. About a wine, or winemaker, with a story to tell; of place, process or style. Highlighting artisanal producers making unique, reasonably priced (under $50 retail) wines, whilst demonstrating careful earth stewardship.

2015 Vignobles Dubard, Château Laulerie, Juste Terre (JT) Cabernet Franc (www.vignoblesdubard.com)

About the Region: Located in Southwest France, the sub-appellation of Bergerac-Montravel sits 50 kilometres east (right bank of the Dordogne River) of Bordeaux.

About the Winery: Founded in 1977, the Dubard family owns five vineyard estates in the Southwest France region, with each featuring a unique terroir. The south-facing calcerous clay slopes of their Montravel estate being particularly well-suited to growing fuller-bodied reds.

About the Grape: The parent of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc is known by myriad other names (Breton, Bouchy, Cabernet Gris being three) the world over. Ripening earlier than most other reds, Cabernet Franc thrives in cooler climates and regions.

About the Making: Made in the ancient technique of ageing in clay amphorae, JT presents developed (tertiary) flavours after a shorter ageing period vis-a-vis ageing in oak.

About the Wine: Made specifically for the Alberta market on the impetus of local aficionado Eberhard Tamm, JT pours a deep purple, with that dark appearance belying the wine’s medium body. On the nose, smoky notes of plum, blueberry and kerosene (a good thing) impress. Refreshingly acidic, the mouth invokes flavours of black currant and kirsch before finishing clean and sharp.

About Pairing: Tomato sauce pasta, beef burgers, smoky barbeque, or goat cheese.

About Sustainability: Sustainable farming practices.

About Availability: Check liquorconnect.com (call the store too) confirming availability.

CSPC #792742

About Price: $26

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